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2020-05-29 22:21:57

As noted in my commissions page, I will gladly draw NSFW! However I'd like to cover some guidelines:

I will ask for age verification if this is the case, and you will have to pay with your own paypal (which you do need to be over 18 to have). This information will not be shared in any way. Rest assured the specifics of your commission will not be mentioned anywhere in your invoice as well!

I cant physically check your ID, so please understand I'm trying to be safe for everyone's sake!

If you have specific reference images for posing, feel free to provide them (for the most part im comfortable seeing nsfw, but please be reasonable).

NSFW I will NOT draw: BDSM, scat/piss, non-con, feral or anthro, gore, explicitly for fetish.
I have the right to decline your request, especially if it is something I do not feel comfortable drawing.

Additional notes:

-NSFW will not be done for physical merchandise (Charms, Heart Buttons) so if you request that, please be aware the request will not be accepted.
-I will never post nsfw commssions publicly on this account. You may post them on your own account, but I ask that you use a censor or service like this (privatter) if you tag me in the work. NSFW will not be RT'd by me, I apologize

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