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2022-09-21 21:40:26
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the surfing match haven't already start when kalel and jeremiah reached the beach. there are few audiences watching near it and the surfers are getting ready, including ives.

“tara ‘dun, toks. nandun sila oh.” jeremiah pulls him and he doesn’t have a choice but to follow, and just like that, he is already seated beside near his daughter.

he actually hesitant to come since he thinks raya might not yet ready to see him and ives haven’t said any signal that he can visit raya. he just wants to make sure she’s not comfortable around him.

santi and raya finally noticed the two. “uy, dito pala kayo.” santi greets the two.

“tagal pa ba mag-start?” jeremiah asked.

“ewan ko, kararating ko lang kasi. wala kasi kasama si raya, tinawagan lang ako ni ives. buti nalang break ko.”

deep inside, kalel wished he was the one ives had called to accompany raya. but of course, raya might find it overwhelming.

kalel looks at his daughter struggling to put the straw on her drink. raya pouts and about to ask santi for help but kalel beats her, moving closer to her carefully getting the straw to pin on her drink. “here you go.”

raya bites his lips. “t-thank you po.” she whispered and kalel smiles.

“ayan magi-start na raw! ” santi interrupted and the people started to fish out their phones, even kalel.
“hoy mga beh! pagilid naman kayo, tinatakpan nyo yung view.” santi tells them and they complied. the three just laugh because of that.


as the surfers wait for the go signal, ives search for raya and santi. but what he found was not just them but also kalel and jeremiah.

“go papa!” raya cheered, santi and jeremiah also cheered after they see raya doing it.

ives smiles and then he finally meets kalel’s eyes. “good luck.” kalel mouthed and smiles.

he nodded on them and immediately turns his back as his heart starts to beat so fast. ‘kaba lang ‘to’ he tried to convince himself.

and maybe he’s just nervous, but his heart is really beating fast and that’s for two reasons.

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